What is House Hacking And How To Make Money From Your Home While Living In It

What is House Hacking And How To Make Money From Your Home While Living In It

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► What is House Hacking And How To Make Money From Your Home While Living In It

House hacking is a modern lifestyle decision that borrows much from earlier ways and has been reinterpreted with the aid of modern home-sharing platforms.

Your ancestors, Real Talker, may have owned a two-family house in a city prior to being able to lump together the funds to move to the new suburbs developed in the mid-20th century. Or, you may have owned your own single-family house in your entire life but are now seeking house hacking ideas to earn passive income streams and fund an adaptable retirement. Your activities in house hacking will proffer an experience of the landlord lifestyle and more income.

2:50 – What Is House Hacking?
3:59 – Top Benefits Of House Hacking
6:44 – Daniel Sperling-Horowitz
7:41 – Why House Hack?
8:13 – Develop A House Hacking Strategy
10:47 – Figure Out The Financing
14:56 – Find The Best Property
18:15 – Purchase A Multifamily Home

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