Don't Quit Motivational Video Lecture by Qasim Ali Shah

Don't Quit Motivational Video Lecture by Qasim Ali Shah

زندگی کے میدان میں کتنے بھی باونسرز آئے آپ کے لئے لازمی ہے کہ پچ پہ ڈٹے رہیں اور انتظار کریں اس بال کا جس پہ آپ چھکا لگا سکیں۔ ہر بال کھیلنے والی نہیں ہوتی لہذا کچھ بالز کو چھوڑ دیں۔

Qasim Ali Shah discussing that in the ground of Life, you’ve to stay on your Pitch and just play. All of the Balls never meant to play you can drop some and can have six on some balls.

Qasim Ali Shah is not just a Motivational Speaker but an enthusiastic doer. He followed his passions and proved his self a Successful Entrepreneur, Inspiring Teacher, Best-Selling Author, Philanthropist and a Transformational Trainer.

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