Why Do Women Like Bad Boys? | BigBrainco. Hindi Video ft. RJ Palak

Why Do Women Like Bad Boys? | BigBrainco. Hindi Video ft. RJ Palak

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For what it’s worth, “Daddy Issues” is NOT a clinical assessment, and the term is frequently used to belittle the needs and struggles of women. The subsequent psychological difficulties brought on by these father issues might appear in a variety of ways, such as an adult inability to trust other males and/or a strong desire to sleep with them at the same time. Learn more about this term’s actual meaning in this video.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:00 – The Beginning
01:38 – Father’s Role
02:18 – Why Do Girls Fall For Bad Boys?
04:07 – Daddy Issues With Boys
05:46 – Types of Daddy Issues
06:38 – Use Of The Word “Daddy Issues”
07:01 – Solution
10:21 – Conclusion


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