Condensed Final Round | 2022 KPMG Women's PGA Championship

Condensed Final Round | 2022 KPMG Women's PGA Championship

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Valeriano Fukuichi

Congrats Ingee from your uncle’s friend!!!

Johnny Bgood

Lexi used to have a reputation for winning.
Now she has reputation for choking….

Nautilus nauticus

What! You can't show In Gee putt out?

Don Morrison

WoW Ingee Chun an awesome display of patience, game planning to lead 4 rounds of women championship golf.

James Long

It looks like Lexi knows how to lose, or as some say choke.

XTC Trader

My local NBC affiliate cut to commercial just as Lexi was about to putt on 18. Even they knew she'd miss and saved her fans from more agony.

T. Snowdon

In-Gee +4 each of the last 2 rounds. She only won it because everyone else played worse than she did!!!!! Only one player went under 70 in R4 and that was Hataoka. If ever anyone won a tournament by default, that was it!!! Some of the worst golf ever played by the best players in the LPGA in that tournament!!!!

T. Snowdon

20 minutes of highlights and they don't show Choi's great long putt at the last hole (she was playing with Lexi and In-Gee) which brought the house down. Highlights? Phooey!!!

TheHubris OfMan

Gawd, I am so very happy for Dumbo. Her determination and commitment to push through her personal struggles is very inspiring. THAT is the story the LPGA, Golf Channel, and other outlets NEED to latch onto and vigorously promote. Enough of the LIV/players slander campaign.

You want to grow the game? Then, put this sweet, honest, and relatable LPGA Champion on every promo and story lead for the rest of the season – Dumbo's story will surely resonate with MANY current and potential golf fans.

jrbruneau jrbruneau

Beautiful smile princess, glad to see you back in Business 😉 keeps winning !!


9:05 It’s amazing how she never lost her smile even when the tournament seems to slip away from her.
Round 1: course record -8. 5 stroke lead
Round 2: -3. 6 stroke lead
Round 3: +3. 3 stroke lead
Round 4: quickly lost her lead early on and was +4 after the front nine.
If you put other professional golfers in her shoes, i bet most of them would slam the club after a bad hit or swear after missing a putt out of frustration. In gee kept her smile throughout the round.
What’s really amazing is that she almost retired before the tournament. her coach told the press after the tournament that him and In Gee talked about possibly ending her professional career before entering the tournament feeling defeated after many years of winless years. She had an emotional call with her sister and decided to give herself one more shot. I can see how frustrating professional golf can be especially after experiencing a success early on in her career. You are working on your game harder than ever, but feels like your best days are behind you. That must have felt very defeated.
After a blazing first round, i am sure she felt like the god is on her side and finally responding to her prayer. Then imagine how she must have felt on 16th hole tee box on the final round. What appeared to be an insurmountable lead (6 strokes after 2 round) has completely vanished. Now, you are 2 shots behind the leader with 3 holes to go… still keeping her composure in check, smiling at the fans after the hole-out.
My hat off to her. What a woman!


Congratulation! InGee 3rd Major wins. 🤩
If Tompson has a stronger mentality,
I expect she will be the champion. 😭

Charles Smith

Thompson is a “head” case. She’ll never win a major. No way do you miss those putts!

KIM lightkwy

Cosmos best!!!! Chun!!!!!😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


정말 오래 기다렸습니다. 전인지 선수 진심으로 축하합니다..

Stuart Campbell

Minjee lee best women's golfer in the world at the moment

gary pagett

Sorry but Lexi lost her bottle and as for her putting well enough said She'll never win a Tournament in another 4 years unless she learns. Her biggest battle is her Mental Health i love her to pieces and now worry for her after this

Mike 29

Well deserved win for
In Gee Chun, stayed positive smiling all the way through. Although Thompson missed those putts, there are 72 HOLES played In Gee could look back and say 'what if'
Also great to knock the smile off the biased Pressel.

Eugene Dubreuil

why did you not play safe on the par 5 you only needed a fu^$$$ par Lexi Thompson

charles vorones

I wonder who jumps higher in the air on their drives and long irons… Lexi Thompson, or Scottie Scheffler?

Bat Man

What a fantastic tournament. Nail biting right to the end. InGee was a deserving winner. Great Golf all round.

Rusty Cockering

As someone who's battled the chipping yips, I feel for Lexi. The knee-dip and fall back are dead giveaways. She's got 'em with the putter also. She's got a great beauty and physical presence. I'd feel so bad for her…if it weren't for the ball-marking transgressions, which she finally got caught for. And the denials about that and her collapse down the stretch at last year's U.S. Open. With a multiple-shot lead, she shot 41 on the back 9 at Olympic and stated in her post-round interview, "I'd be the first one tell you if I hit a bad shot.", implying that she didn't. Sadly, her mental toughness and connection to reality is quite weak.


Professional broadcast & no shot tracer on drives. Ugh!

Noah Froio

One of the best rounds this year!! This really was the last two putts, Lexi makes, it's tied and forces In Gee to make or a win, Lexi missed, but then forces In Gee to make or into extra innings!! This is why I love the LPGA so much more than the PGA, the number of absolute last hole nail biters are astounding on the LPGA, they are all just so good and so evenly matched. I don't remember a dull tournament this year (or last year, even?). Great job staying in the game In Gee.


Well deserved In Gee, and as an Aussie, Minjee and Hanna were right there too….

인지야 지난 3년간
맘고생 많이 했지만
이젠 맘 편히 골프 즐기면서 살길…

남북통일 2025
홍익인간 이화세계 2030

Sung Kim

Whew.. Congrats 👏 👏 Love to see your smile champ!! Let's do some more..

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