What The Roe Ruling Means For Women’s Health Care In America | Ayman

What The Roe Ruling Means For Women’s Health Care In America | Ayman

Whatever the exact scope of the coming laws, one result of today’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade is certain: the curtailment of women’s rights, and of their status as free and equal citizens. What recourse do they have now? Former National Organization for Women President Terry O’Neill and Emily’s List President Laphonza Butler and Maria Teresa Kumar join the show to discuss.
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The Doctor

On the plus side, this crisis could be used as the impetus to rally enough sane Americans to finally end the Electoral College, and/or make the Senate reflect the will of the people instead of a radical minority that live in red states.

The Doctor

To all of you nit-picking Democrats – The American Taliban did not vote for Pennywise because they liked him. They held their noses because he said he would give them the power oppress you. If you don't do the same, you will slowly but surely lose ALL of your rights. Wake TFU! Staying home and pouting about Bernie on election day won't stop them.

A heart-felt FU to all of you who said that our Handmaid references were over-the-top paranoid hyperbole. Apologies accepted if you get 3 or more of your progressive friends registered to vote.

DrANZAC Spartan

The SCOTUS's that voted for this NEED TO GO TO JAIL. They perjured themselves under oath. You should NOT be allowed to LIE under Oath, especially a SCOTUS!

DrANZAC Spartan

This is a devastating Human Rights abuse. Women (180 Million USA Citizens) now have the Government Control their bodies against their wishes. And if she breaks the new law, the Woman is now Criminalised. WTF.
This needs to be sent to the UN to take a stance against USA and its barbaric laws.

Anthony Martin

I wonder if any of these leftist dimwits could explain, how aborting an unborn child, a gift from God, can be termed as "My Choice". If you could examine your animalistic lifestyles and retrospect, you would not find yourself faced with the situation of – Abortion.

Ask Why

Why should a clump of cells have more rights than an actual living human being? Doesn't the woman carrying the zygote also have a right to life? Doesn't her right to life mean she owns her own body? If a billionaire christian politician kidnaps a woman and places a fetus in her uterus because she is the only compatible host in the world for the fetus from his daughter who died in a car accident, would it be murder if the woman and her doctor removed the fetus? We need to reexamine exactly what it means to have a right to life and who gets to enjoy a right to life, living people or a clump of cells that could someday turn into a person.

Nizam Selim

A judiciary that is combative, intimidating and overbearing rather than judicious, humane and empathetic in its dispensations of rulings and is tantamount to being divorced from the realities of a given time and space of a given community or populace surmises to be bereft of the capacity to uphold rule of law that epitomises compassionate and equitable justice for all. The SCOTUS ruling of June 2022 delivering the diabolical demise of the right to abortion for women by overturning the 50-year old precedent of Roe v Wade is the sine qua non of advocatus diaboli.

Only votes at the ballot box putting out of office the culpable Republicans in the House and Senate and achieving a Democratic majority in Congress that enables legislation for women's rights to health care and abortion by individual choice is the one and only remedy for redressing the seismic imbalance that a corrupt pro-Republican Justices on the SCOTUS have unleashed by their ill-will ruling. Fiat justitia.

Dora Wilson

Them striking down Roe v. Wade is just another way of raping women. Once again, women are not given a choice…

h j

Women's healthcare? What's a woman? Do you mean Birthing people? It's really confusing and insensitive to talk about women's healthcare without including trans and non binary into the conversation.

Athena K

There's no question to me that the Constitution must be amended to, among others, be able to recall/impeach Justices who operate in partisanship, or simply do not serve the public in good faith. SCOTUS has become a joke with these GOP justices running the show over there!😡😡 Between them, the GOP in Congress, and the damage caused by the Trump administration, the whole country's become a joke around the world!🤬🤬 Shame🤦 And don't talk to me about this hypocrite po💩 NANCY PELOSI!😡 SHE fiercely campaigned for ANTI-ABORTION Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas; against a DEFENDER OF WOMEN'S RIGHTS Jessica Cisneros!🤬🤬 Now the greedy witch wants us to believe that she supports abortion rights??? WE have to vote out ALL these corporate establishment politicians to protect OUR rights, and freedoms! TX, DON'T SEND CUELLAR TO DC IN NOVEMBER!🙏

Kathryn mickelson

If we had a healthcare system it might make a difference we have is a pay or die system

Oscar Benigsen

So, let me understand this. If women can have unhindered access to abortion, then they are equal to men. But if abortion is sent to the states, women are no longer equal to men. Yall really buy this?

Viola Hamilton

As a society we need to HOLD MEN responsible for pregnancies! See how fast things will change!

Ernesto Xavier

"I fear the day that ideology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots."

Vespasian Flavius

What about “birthing men”? Or does that wild card not playable in this? The left is so hypocritical…

Anita Kyota

It would be so nice if these ‘pro-lifers” cared as much about already living beings as they do the unborn. At the same time they support leaders that refuse to help these same women feed and cloth these children once they are born! And they won’t back stricter gun laws to prevent the deaths of living beings!!!

Stoopid Pursun

I am outraged that you are continuing to frame this as a women's issue! Did not your own witness testify before congress that men can get pregnant and have abortions too? What about the rights of pregnant men or those of the 172 other genders who can get pregnant? Do their rights not matter to you? By your own definitions calling this a women's issue is bigoted. Shameful.

Tosh Media Tv

Democrats propaganda network

Jewel Ezra

Job for life


Women's healthcare?! What about all the men who are getting pregnant?!


The antiabortionists don't have a CLUE as to what chaos, misery, confusion, adverse health impacts, domestic abuse, legal messes, and social, political and economic upheaval this ruling will lead to.

Ernesto Xavier

Control , Power and Greed , Roe versus Wade and its impact upon Republican and Democratic , Young women , Ted Cruz , Greg Abbott , Clarence Thomas , Mitch McConnell , Christian evangelicals etc..

Sheena Martin

Heyyyyyy shoutout oklahoma……. fml. I'm so glad I can't get pregnant.

Rob B

This has nothing to do with women's rights. As Birthing people, a human body contains unique DNA that does not belong to the birthing person or the sperm supplier. It is a unique entity never existing before in this universe. That being now has rights.

Joel Lopez

Terra nullius is a Latin expression meaning "nobody's land". It was a principle sometimes used in international law to justify claims that territory may be acquired by a state's occupation of it. The State is occupying Vaginas.

John Smith

Close your legs if you don't want the babies. Y'all promiscuous women!


V.O.T. Vote out Republicans

Annette Zaleski

Oh, they BETTER hold the father to the fullest of their responsibility!! AND raise Americans quality of life before taking away Americans decision with her OWN body!! But no…they aren't trying to better the quality of life…religious choices has NO place in politics, period!! Tax the church n check to make sure those adoption agencies weren't bought out by the churches who were found by law to head congregations by pedophiles, still today…then cover it up n ship those to other communities!!

Old Shark By The Sea

“I don’t view Abortion as a Choice and a Right, I think it’s always a tragedy” – Senator Joe Biden, 2006.

Vlad Jean Jacques

Cancel these pro-life states.


All childs now would be born in United States even any familiar childs is also include…

Debra Lecuivre

American belief as of June 2022 – GUNS over WOMEN!

Joseph Maganja

Have a nice day

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