Supreme Court Overturns ‘Roe,’ Puts Women’s Health At Risk

Supreme Court Overturns ‘Roe,’ Puts Women’s Health At Risk

MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber is joined by civil rights attorney Maya Wiley and the former President for the National Organization for Women, Terry O’Neill, to discuss the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade.
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Mystic Jedi

We're so woke we have to point out at every opportunity people who don't identify as women can get pregnant.. then say the Supreme Court doesn't get the last word. That was the whole point of the decision you fool..

Nev Bell

America needs to vote the Republicans out of power at every opportunity they can. The Supreme Court is morally corrupt. It is the only way to create a free and fair society. Make sure you do this America

Enckidoo Falling

Well Warren Buffet where are we now? Scary.

Anand Shekharan

Proof that you don’t need to be a decent human being to become a Supreme Court Judge in the US. Also proof that an ounce of decency or empathy is worth more than a lifetime of literacy. Literacy doesn’t guarantee freedom from Hypocrisy decency and empathy are more likely to dissuade you from being a fraud and being heartless. The Supreme court has probably committed one of its most grievous crimes. A day of great shame for the SC. How can one be expected to look up to such people. Why should one stand up when they enter the court.


Challenge Loving now! The feds have no say on marriage, just as they have no say in healthcare.

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V for vendetta

David Welch

Expanding the SCOTUS won't work. Mitch McConnell already publicly announced that Republicans will not even consider another Justice under Biden; no matter who the nominee is.

Sue Moses

R.I.P. America

Gino Lorenzo


ST7A Bad Karma

Well to be fair the liberal justices couldn’t make a sound argument against overturning Roe since they didn’t know what a woman is.

rose novel

What I got from this is that we can use he supreme court to repeal the second amendment. Just saying. All progressive judges just have to say that the second amendment only protects the right to have a gun while in the military and we can finally just take all of the guns from these nuts

Bryan B

If this is taking rights away from women, then what is a woman?

$m00th 0p€r@t0r

How exactly are black people not allowed to vote?

nancy thomas

No more copulation 🚫

Tessmage Tessera

Here are some other rights the Constitution does not specifically grant to women: the right to own property. And the right to hold a job. And the right to obtain credit, or a bank loan. And the right to drive a car. And the right to use birth control pills. And the right to run for public office. Do you see where this is going? None of those rights are specifically granted to women in the Constitution. But this has never been about a "right to life." It has always been about controlling women, tying them down and forcing them to be dependent upon a man.

Winston Smith

Abortion is a women's health issue. I mean, it's certainly not fetus's health issue lol


A corrupt president has first corrupted, then activated the Supreme Court. They are now taking away your rights, whilst also making decisions that will threaten your life.

Anne-Marie Parker

A woman forced to carry the baby after birth sent the baby to the 9 Judges their homes.

Ester Baque

Good vs evil God vs satan.

Gamboa Iragto

This I called hypocrisy. Now the government decides to protect the Supreme Court just to protect 6 individuals who knew they were overturning Row vs Wade. It is the reason why the republican gang rush to protect these supreme court employees homes.

Keith Humpherys

The Supreme Court said that Roe was not mentioned in the US Constitution in their decision . Where in the US Constitution is a fetus mentioned. Did the Constitution even mention fetus being a person. Were states granted the power define what is a person under the Constitution. Doesn’t it seem odd to say unborn person or pre born person if it is not written in the US Constitution? Does Constitution mention baby or child? A lot of open questions.

introverts Rock

If the judges lied to obtain get their seats
They need to investigated
And impeached (means we need to VOTE republidiots OUT)

Nizam Selim

Mitch McConnell and his Republican accessories to the crime of appointment of "political capital" of Minority-choice (by way of popular votes) Justices on the SCOTUS through corrupt intents, purposes and practices must be held accountable for the SCOTUS OF CORRUPTION.

These Justices and the rogue REPUBLICAN PARTY must be meted out justice through the Ballot box. VOTE BLUE FOR JUSTICE.

Kristine H

Women managed to get an amendment added to the Constitution ensuring their right to vote … if the right to choose isn't in there, they need to work on that.

Shelia Maxwell

Have you all paid attention to the fact that just earlier this week, I believe, these same group of people just took the ability of states to enact or have possible life saving GUN CONTROL LAW's. Isn't there a phrase, something to the affect of, with one hand you giveth and with the other, you taketh away? If I have the correct understanding of the word irony, this situation would be ironic.

Phil Rafferty

Here's the thing, the Supreme Court is nine lousy people …and I mean lousy….how on God's green earth do they get to determine the fate of 200 million women? Gimme a break.

carl PING

I bet suicide will go up for young girls who got pregnant. that would be a bad choice after a good one was taken away.

Shelia Maxwell

Due to my age, and also because of the state that I reside in, I am not physically affected by this decision. However, I am personally affected because I have daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and female cousins that would or could be affected if that didn't reside in California. The state that, then Governor Ronald Reagan, signed into law the right to obtain an abortion. However, he then changed his tune after seeking the office of president. I am crying and absolutely sick to my stomach for all women that are negatively affected by this ruling. I will never refer to anyone as being pro-life, you are ANTI-CHOICE, and for those of you that wouldn't use government funds to support breathing-on-their-own children, you are ANTI-LIFE.

Mike Honcho

Men can get pregnant too…why are you just mentioning women?

carl PING

Sad day to Women Rights! You need to fight by the millions for change to happen!

Erik Moss

Keep messing with guns, voting rights are important as well…,,

Dave Sonowski

Democrat failure and Rage on full display thank you MSDNC 😊

Bee free

This is bs propaganda to incite violence.

Old Shark By The Sea

The Ruling was that the Supreme Court should not decide Abortion Law, The VOTERS in the STATES should.
Liberal States will NOT BAN ABORTION. Or Drugs, or Crime.
– Enjoy your Liberal Sh1thole Cities!

jason w

Conservatives slowly destroying a free country. This is why voting matters. Conservatives won't stop until all your rights are gone


Congress; How could it be you were 'excited' with today's passing of gun bill legislation, when the REPUBLICAN SCOTUS destroyed that as well only yesterday!? The Irony is the same REPUBLICAN Justices who shuttered in their homes from angry/CRAZED Abortion supporters-JUST GAVE THEM THE RIGHT TO CARRY CONCEALED WEAPONS!! Brings to mind: federal Judge Esther Salas immediately comes to mind. Now God has father and son-Daniel Anderl and Mark Anderl🙏💐


Better Dead than Red — VOTE BLUE IN '22! It's amazing how we've now become a religious theocracy. I wonder what religious doctrines the Republicans and Evangelicals will force onto us next? Impeach the Justices that lied during their confirmation hearings, appoint new HONEST Justices, and — just for good measure — expand the Supreme Court to 11 and appoint 2 more. Also, investigate Justice Thomas' involvement with the Trump Coup and Impeach him, too!


Wait until the anti-abortion guys cheering right now have to start paying for another child or two or three for the next 18 years. They whine about the price of gas, just wait until they see the price of baby stuff, the price of sending a kid to school, …. All those boats, guns, hunting/fishing trips they were going to have will be traded for an addition on the house, a family car, diapers, …. Just wait until they are crushed under the weight of more bad decisions, …. But they'll never admit they were wrong, they will blame everyone else. You can't fix stupid.

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