Things The Older Marvel Movies Do Better Than The MCU

Things The Older Marvel Movies Do Better Than The MCU

How many Peter Parkers does it take to change the world? It used to be one. At latest count, it’s three. The MCU has built an impressive and complex interconnected universe that surpasses almost anything done in film. It’s wonderful. But you have to step back and ask…is it too much? It’s a universe where any given character can show up at any time, multiple dimensions are a fact of life, and origin stories take a backseat to surprise cameos engineered to get Twitter buzzing for a day or two in between celebrity breakups. But it wasn’t always like that. Maybe we’re waxing nostalgic, or maybe the older Marvel movies had a lot more figured out than we realized at the time. Here are some things the older Marvel movies do better than the MCU.

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Killer Origin Stories | 0:00
Taking the Source Material Seriously | 1:27
Iconic Stand-Alone Films | 2:32
The Hero/Villain Dynamic | 3:41
Philosophical and Moral Themes | 4:37

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