10 Unique Side Hustles to Earn Extra Money (2021)

10 Unique Side Hustles to Earn Extra Money (2021)

Let’s talk Side Hustles! 10 Unique Side Hustles you can do that are profitable and on your own time. There’s one that is especially surprising that I’ve never seen covered anywhere before.

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The 10 Unique Side Hustles to Make Extra Money are the following:

10. Zirtual or Fancyhands
These are websites where you can do tasks for others and get paid per tasks, essentially by being someone’s assistant. To start, they pay anywhere from $3 to 7 per task, and some of these tasks don’t take very long. According to their website, each task can take up to 20 minutes to complete, but if you’re fast, you can probably do a few more.

9. Shrimp Colonization
This one makes me laugh but I am being SERIOUS! 🙂 Essentially you breed 3 types of shrimp: Red Galaxy, Crystal Shrimp, Pure Red Line, and you can profit on each shrimp in your colony. You need an aquarium and to get starter shrimp, but I had a coworker who was making easily over $100 a week selling shrimp. Any niche can be profitable!

8. Teaching a Skill (In Person or Zoom)
If you have any type of skill – whether it’s playing tennis, maybe the guitar or bass, you can advertise your services on a marketplace app like nextdoor, or go to yur local bulletin board in your neighborhood and advertise your services.

This is a great side hustle because you can schedule it with your clients, you can choose who you want to work with, and you can basically make money off a skill you might have already.

7. Buy in Bulk and Sell Individually
I used to do this as a kid, but you can also do this with big ticket wholesale items. Such as buying portable air conditioners right before a heatwave and flipping them on marketplace websites.

6. Niche Instagram or Tik Tok Page
This is a fun one. Essentially if you are interested in a certain niche, you can start to post content in the niche that you’re in. If you can build out a brand identity on Instagram or Tik Tok and gain a following, once you hit around 5000-10000 followers, you can probably start to monetize your page by selling advertisements on the page itself.

5. Get Free Stuff on Facebook Marketplace a Nextdoor and Resell On Other Platforms
This is one I learned from Gary Vee but that has worked well for me.
I’ve found that furniture flipping is really great provided you have the space for it. Make sure to pick items that have a market.

4. Powerwashing
Rent a power washer for $41-81 a day, and get the demand first by posting flyers or posts on marketplaces. Book all the appointments for the same day. Charge by the square foot. Profit!

3. Email Marketer for Small Businesses
Approach small businesses in your area and offer them to build an email marketing funnel for them. For example, realtors, small retail stores, coffee shops, etc. Anyone that has an email list or can get an email list and you can drive more business to them.

2. Monetize Your Hobby
I touched on this earlier with the bulletin board, but this is one of the best ways to make money if you have a hobby. Let’s say you’re into building PCs, maybe you can build PCs and sell them to others. If you’re into cryptocurrency, perhaps you can mine it. If you’re into webdesign, make webpages for people. If you’re into arts and crafts, sell them on Etsy. If you’re into thrifting, flip items you thrifted online.

1. Housesitting using Housesitter.com
This requires a little more flexibility in your schedule than some of the other options here, but I think this is one of the best side hustles because as long as you’re responsible you can get paid for essentially just being responsible and taking care of someones house.

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