How To Make Money From Home | even as a Teenager (also for Student in Malaysia)

How To Make Money From Home | even as a Teenager (also for Student in Malaysia)

How to make money in malaysia from home using Internet? Make money online malaysia is absolutely possible as 2021 & beyond has shown us with this ‘Work from Home’ job trends, the best part is – you can even do this (make money online from home) even if you’re a teenager and also suited for student, without investment.

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Yang nyata sekali, bukan cerita dongeng kalau you nak cari duit online (di malaysia) tanpa modal, dengan phone, duduk rumah je. Pelajar sekolah pun boleh buat.Tak kira la sama ada nak cari duit dengan app, dengan youtube, dengan instagram/facebook/tiktok ataupun dengan shopee/lazada – video ini akan terangkan kesemuanya.

Janji I – kerja online yang lumayan, cepat dibayar, tanpa modal & tanpa risiko.

These are the online jobs you can do using the Internet, better than working as a cafe barista, sales rep at SenHeng or even a Senior Media Executive as Astro(whaattt??):

1. Be a Transcriber/Translator/Proofreader to earn money online malaysia
2. Offer your High Income Skills at Job platforms like Fiverr or Upwork
3. Tutor – earn money online malaysia for students
4. How to earn money online in malaysia? Be a Program/App Tester
5. making money from home? Be a Game Tester (more fun than #4?)
6. Affiliate Marketing, preferably with recurring passive income
7. Start and Grow a YouTube channel then monetize it to make money online malaysia
8. Actually be a Pro Gamer and Live stream on Twitch – earn when people donate and subscribe to you

The irony is – most of these jobs or gigs do not require any professional qualifications, yet they have the potential to out-earn the many professions out there like doctor, lawyers or engineers, which by the way, unable to work from home 🙁

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