Talk About Health and Lifestyle in English – Spoken English Lesson

Talk About Health and Lifestyle in English - Spoken English Lesson

In this lesson, you can learn to talk about health and lifestyle in English.
Are you in good shape? Do you have a balanced diet? Is your work-life balance healthy? You’ll learn how to discuss these health and lifestyle topics and other questions in this class. Do you need speaking practice? Try a lesson with a certified English teacher today and see how you can improve:

Do you work out? What’s the best workout for you? What are your diet and eating habits like? Do you have any bad habits? Share your writing in the comments and we will give you feedback!

See the full lesson with text and a quiz on our website:

Intro 00:00-00:52
1. Talking About Exercise and Activity 00:52-04:00
2. Talking About Diet 04:00-07:07
3. Talking About Bad Habits 07:07-10:12
4. Talking About Work-Life Balance 10:12

This lesson will help you:
– Learn useful phrases to talk about how exercise fits into health and lifestyle in English.
– Get examples and definitions of common words people use to describe fitness and activity.
– Understand how to talk about your diet and get new vocabulary you can use when you talk about health and lifestyle with others.
– Learn how to talk about bad lifestyle habits like smoking or drinking a lot of alcohol.
– Talk about health and lifestyle in terms of your work-life balance. See how you can use new phrases and vocabulary in conversation to describe your work habits.
– Become more comfortable when talking about your health and lifestyle with others in conversation or even in an exam like IELTS.

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