Why self improvement is ruining your life

Why self improvement is ruining your life

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Description babble (aka, pleading to the algorithm gods):This video is about self improvement, self development, self help, and why all of that can be a good or a bad thing depending on your outlook. It can either ruin your life, or make it worth living. I’m Joey Schweitzer, this is Better Ideas, and I don’t know what else to say… Somebody post a meme to the subreddit because it’s dying.
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Better Ideas

Take a shot every time I say "self improvement"

WaiChun Lam

Self improvement obsession, damn these are fine word. Thank you kind sir, I have been finding the perfect word to describe “this behaviour “ for a long time.


oh man i really like rocket league


Come be my friend and talk to me, I'm good at that.



Truth Teller

I prefer learning from Jordan Peterson on YouTube than to interact with the dumb people around. Who says remote interactions are not real life? If that's true, your whole channel is a fake thing unrelated to real life. Bottom line: When your environment is not rich, make sure to choose the best inputs for your brain by books, videos, podcasts, music, documentaries and anything worthy. Meanwhile build up to move somewhere better. YOU WON'T UNDERSTAND me unless you have lived in a shitty third world country full of dumb people.

Da Flat earth

The earth is flat with a dome Elon Musk is a fraud just like Einstein was.


"The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F" book is exactly about the topic discussed in the video, so if you're interested, I highly recommend reading it

Daren Williams

I dated a woman involved in this occult!

Kyla Szweety

I seriously love your channel


"The insecurity becomes the a conditional happiness"


conflating a left wing ideology with actual self improvement is silly. self improvement is always good. what youre referring to is virtue signaling my friend. i bet the group you talk about arent actually self improving but pretending to. one last time = thats not self improvement , self improvement is always good.. it literally cant be bad.. its in the name. k im done.

Simply Trading

If a man spends all of his time sharpening his sword instead of training with it then he won’t ever be ready to use it

Swaggy Majj

This is absolute gold

Joaquin Pino

i definetly dont want to be like those guys but i wanna improve my life


I started a 30 day routine where I aim train for 20 min a day before a game. Its going pretty well so far

Poor Little Sheep

This video makes no sense, self improvement is not ruining you life. Let me be clear, becoming a better version of oneself has never ruined any life ever. The point he's arguing against, is "theorizing about self improvement only". But in fact, obsessive self improvers usually suffer from the exact opposite problem of not actually doing things, that is this "brute force" approach: they do it too much. This "I have to do this everyday otherwise I lose progress", "practicing 10 hours is 10x better than practicing for 1 hour" mindset, which will eventually hurt you in some way.

Sarah Tonen

This guy thinks that everything ruins your life. Lol!


Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day's own trouble be sufficient for the day.

Jesus Christ


I just wanna get laid

Mind of a Maniac

great video

Son Andrew

Self improvement only works with context. Don’t over think it.

Doodle Hobbo

The funny thing is I don't like reading books because I find it as a chore but I can still naturally socialist and have friends when I was a kid.
I was talkative, me and my friends have the almost same interests and we like to goof off, all that fun stuff. I don't play multiplayer online mobile games because I'm that offline games type of guy and we still talk to each other on chats and calls.

A Singh

ok so why should I subscribe if I got the message that I don't need self help videos to improve my life?


3:25 this part made me cringe so hard brooooo HAHAHAHHAH IM A VICTIM OF THAT TOO

Albino Levin

Be kind to urself u deserve it either way


You chose your words so well with this. Amen brother.

Di Ann

I really enjoyed this video. Excellent reminder to go do live your best life

GB. Belzoni

Thank u so much….. this view is the most usefull thing I've ever whatched !!!


So your insecure if you make a lot of money and your better than everyone???? I guess me and all my friends are insecure people lol, but I guess you saying that in this video probably makes you and the audience feel better about your financial situations….which is sad…..don’t think like that, know that you can achieve anything you put your mind to and your not insecure just because your smarter with financial moves….

Sunny Yang

Problem with self improvement I have (I make over 6 figures, great socials skills, workout weekly, great friends, dating hot babes).

Is that self improvement + being in a capitalistic society = You will never feel good enough. And it is design to keep you that way and they will tell you there is always a solution to a problem you are facing.

There is no solution to every problem, and all it comes down to is trade off and opportunity cost.

Also, a lot of self improvement folks have no professional knowledge. Sometimes you need professional help to solve your problem like a doctor, psychologist or therapist.

Seeing professionals actually cost less and produce 60-90% better results than thousand + dollars on dumb self improvement program.

Food for thoughts


I agree with what you’re saying – to an extent.

The whole point of self improvement is so we can apply what we’re learning to our everyday life and if we’re not then it’s a waste of your time and energy.
I’ve read countless books and it helped me quit smoking, create better habits, manage my emotions and become a better version of myself and for my partner BUT AGAIN, it’s because I was applying everything I was learning to better my relationships and myself.

I think individuals who think self improvement is a waste of time is because they’re not putting it into action. And it’s like losing weight, it’s not an overnight success. Self improvement takes time and effort! It took me about a year to unravel some trauma and face it, which ultimately led me to where I am now. Things take time!!

Lito Lito

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