BE UNSHAKEABLE – The Ultimate Stoic Quote Collection (Powerful Narration)

BE UNSHAKEABLE - The Ultimate Stoic Quote Collection (Powerful Narration)

A collection of stoic quotes powerfully narrated by our voice-over artist Chris Lines.

This video contains wisdom from the three most notable stoic thinkers: Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and Epictetus. The trio lived during the times of ancient Rome and became avid scholars of philosophy, with stoicism being their primary focus and guide for life. Thousands of years later their teachings remain intact and still ring true, applicable to the challenges we face today.

Aurelius had the burden of managing the largest empire the world had ever seen as the emperor of Rome. He would go on to have a prosperous rule for 20 years and went down in history as one of the great rulers.

Epictetus who was born a slave asked his master for permission to study. He was granted this right and went on to teach philosophy in Rome.

Seneca who was a successful financial clerk and writer found himself exiled for adultery. He was later hired to tutor a young boy called Nero who would become a tyrannical emperor of Rome. Nero later had Seneca execute himself for allegedly conspiring against him. A claim that was most likely untrue.

Each of these men faced great challenges in their lives and were able to navigate them through the philosophy of stoicism. I hope that this video is able help you learn the same principles used by these legendary figures.


Marcus Aurelius: 00:00 – 03:43
Seneca: 03:43 – 08:05
Epictetus: 08:05 – 12:50

Voice-over by Chris Lines
Music licenced through Artlist

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