Deliciously Simple Dinner Recipes | Gordon Ramsay

Deliciously Simple Dinner Recipes | Gordon Ramsay

Here are some quick and fun recipes to try out for dinner.

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Louisa Patterson


1st choice: comfortable life (human contacts, fun, relationships, easy work)

2nd choice: remedy the one made by the first choice (all the opposite of the life of the first)

3rd choice, etc.: no personality suitable to survive, probable life as a tramp (in the middle of the street), absolutely no human contact, fun, future, precious things, relationships. With the personality they give you to do all these things it will be too complicated. Probable acts of violence or discrimination, no work or if there is very hard. High probability of suicide.

Procedure: there comes a time when suddenly Christ and Satan show up in front of the mirror and by deception force to choose one of the two. By choosing the first, the following things happen: Christ, the Virgin Mary and in case some saints show up and in case you are playing or having fun in any way they force you to work and toil helping someone always with their voice and their words inside your head. Their procedure consists of this: prevent you from having fun, drinking, masturbating, etc. and getting sledding like a mule.

Being as they say second choice, you should only work from morning to night and nothing else. Anything else is not good for them. At first Christ pretends to be God and shows you how he pretends to give you gifts by putting for a moment a kind of white glow at the height of the navel and telling you that they give a "gift" to everyone and no more than one but in reality, they are all lies that as you go on, they come out on their own. They try to frame you with vague promises, rewards and various scum once in what they call "paradise", but once they verify that the element in question doesn't take the bait (because he’s not a moron!) they begin to reveal their infamous procedures that they have implemented to try to ruin his life.

As a second choice you are given a very antisocial, extreme and stray personality so that you cannot have any kind of contact with other people (friendships, relationships) because you see everyone else as if they came from another planet and there is no kind of compatibility. In addition to this your physique is damaged with the following things and for the following reasons: first you will have few or no muscles at all as having been damaged at birth you will be sick and you will have a disposition to make revenge and war against everyone; per second you will have some knee problems that will prevent you from practicing any type of sport in a serious way and third you will have some kind of defect or imperfection in intimate parts such as various spots, in, strange shapes, etc. so as to prevent you from having any kind of relationship.

The second choice should according to their infamous system try to remedy the wrong things that someone who died 40 years ago or more has combined.

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Of all the characters you see the Virgin Mary is the most annoying of all. She talks all the time saying a lot of lies to see if someone is so stupid to believe in it (like their altar boys) and she always and constantly repeats the same things until nausea (procedure). She cries all the time and says she's the most beautiful woman in the world.

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Their followers to get any kind of role in hell must sacrifice everything they have in life and kill someone, better if someone they care about or some complete stranger and as a final gesture themselves.

Demons cannot bring anything out and it must be the adept who performs certain rituals to learn new things and improve level, but at each of these acts their lives are ruined more and more.

Hell consists of 9 levels.

The souls of people who commit suicide are struck by the eyes little by little until they get their eyes ripped, a process that lasts years and they have to turn 15 turns before they can be saved.


Where’s the simple recipes? Lol

Permijit Dunkley


Barbara Roberts

Ain't no way that was only a table spoon of olive oil


He is being so sus 24/)

Samuel Stone

This mans found a spirit to do without Ai bats.

Mi Cocinita Easy Oven BBQ Chicken 😋

Florence Rampersat

Good foodie


quick tip for beginners: gordon universe measurements: a tablespoon of olive oil = 500ml.


This is something I've never got an answer to from any chef. Why are mushrooms used? People with allergies and intolerances to mushrooms is increasing. If you're an unfortunate person who has ABPA chances are you have a broad spectrum of food allergies and intolerances like I do; all seafood, all poultry and fungus/mushrooms.

Rick Robitaille

Stir fry baby🤣that what I want⚡🇨🇦😁


"Wasting nothing" Proceeds to throw away a third of the pepper

Casey Gardner

Quick and simple: pouring milk on dry cereal.

Jonica Beird


Yasss Gawwwd!

Gordon: casing off.
Me: Condoms off.

Daniel McNally

Wow! I can't believe some of the comments – these ingredients are available in just about every supermarket I've ever been in. Great recipe – I need to try it.

Colin Doyle

Not funny

Stephen Grabarek

dale strong ad… yeah he's just a puppet. democracy is treason because we live in a constitutional republic. wake up you brainless mainstream media fed sheeple. democracy is the same as socialism

Queen Jung Walker

I have two videos and it’s like I can’t stop watching 😁🌹💜

Mike Green

Love u but this music sick my nervs.


I have to go home for tasting

Kalina  Klanzunuva

If you want to know everything about Gordon Rmsay, watch the video and you will be impressed!

Conrad Hoffman Hoffman

Good thread 😝😝😝😝😝😝Funny.

Zaccary Maguire

What kind of stock did he use chicken ? Beef ? He didn't clarify


Can you replace the spiced sausage with minced pig meat mixed with various spices?

Michigan News Now

This is simple! Something that's complicated is something that needs alot of prep work and ends up taking an hour or more to cook there's hardly any prep its mostly just adding spices . People are really dumb . Animals are smarter

Peyo Dandé


Asdf Jkl

Simple is 3 ingredients tho

Catherine Thomas

yum Gordon

Rosalyn Alsopp

cool recipes!!!!!! Cool!!!

Indina Channel

I would love to eat anything that contains no pork and whine

Gareth Anthony Clark

I made it with chakalaka boerewors (spicy farmer's sausage) mushrooms etc . Came out great. In future, I will soak the rice prior to cooking it.


I like how he always grabs meat and then grabs salt and pepper and other stuff without washing his hands


03:35 I just realizes that he is literally making "Opor" with meatballs 😅 I have no idea what would it taste like.. We usually let chickens or eggs simmer in an Opor not fried meat

OUR FOOD super easy dinner idea

Fantastic Vlogs  usa

Looks Yummy

Gax Salgi

I like Chef Ramsay's kitchen
To many ingredients for Meatballs,"" More is Less"". I think I'll go make me some chicken pot pies with that pastry you made. LoL

explorer 02

If anyone can do this it you.!!!

Frans Nduna

How a white man loves his olive oil

Frans Nduna

Lord how's this a simple meal, I can't even chop my onions 😢

Excel chef

wow this is really interesting and looks great would love to try who is with me ?

Gemini Twin

I see what I wanna make for my anniversary.

Fatima z

All of his subscribers watched this video of him

Jack Cooker WIA

How I treat all of my cursings


Fuck it ima just order some sushi

Daniel Manning

A tablespoon of olive oil. Just let me get the football pitch size tablespoon out the fuckin drawer.

Sara Gamal

I like your food so much EGYPT

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