1.5 Hours of EDM Workout Motivation Mix 🔥 1.5 Hours of Best Music for Gym, Fitness, Running

1.5 Hours of EDM Workout Motivation Mix 🔥 1.5 Hours of Best Music for Gym, Fitness, Running

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0:00:00 Killrude – What’s Up
0:02:54 Hallmore – It’s Her
0:05:25 Killrude – Rest My Case
0:09:20 Splasher! – Wildside
0:11:46 Killrude – Raise The Flag
0:14:58 Catiso – Pegasus
0:17:32 Killrude – Blue Samurai
0:20:20 Killrude -Restless Clocks
0:23:07 Catiso – Gravity Zero
0:26:13 Hallmore – Dead of the Night
0:28:57 Catiso – Nostalgico
0:31:51 Hallmore – Unbroken
0:35:07 Killrude – I’m Not Running Around
0:38:01 Catiso – Prime
0:40:54 Allen Nova – Next World
0:44:12 Hallmore – Dreams Beyond (Extended Version)
0:47:57 Catiso – Shut It Down
0:51:30 Hallman – Every Battle
0:55:00 Catiso – Faya
0:58:34 STRLGHT – Boss Fight
1:01:40 Raccy – Activated
1:04:29 Catiso – Zanobi
1:07:05 Raccy – Down the Hall
1:10:18 Hallmore – District Zero (Extended Version)
1:14:11 Catiso – Shiatsu
1:16:50 Hallman – You Blow My Mind
1:19:50 Catiso – The Universe
1:22:44 Lvly feat. Killrude – Red Lights (Killrude Remix) (Instrumental Version)
1:25:43 Chris Coral – Lies (Killrude Remix) (Instrumental Version)
1:28:30 Alder – A Better You (Instrumental Version)

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