The Best Unintentional ASMR voice EVER re-edited to help you sleep in seconds | John Butler ASMR

The Best Unintentional ASMR voice EVER re-edited to help you sleep in seconds | John Butler ASMR

Easily the BEST unintentional ASMR voice ever recorded, John Butler, now re-edited for maximum ASMR tingles. The more subscribers we have the more unintentional ASMR videos we can post so please SUBSCRIBE here: Become an unintentional ASMR junkie here:

Find out where John lists on our top 5 unintentional ASMR voices from the spirituality world here:

This John Butler interview is without a doubt the most relaxing unintentional ASMR interview ever and now it has been specifically edited to help you fall asleep quickly.
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———————- ABOUT THIS VIDEO ———————-

So I’ve read the comments on the original John Butler video and taken your suggestions and criticisms on board with my editing and tried to produce a video of just John Butler’s voice for once. It was a real shame to have to cut out Iain for a lot of the video as his mic was louder but there may be a video of just him and his story coming soon. Huge credit to all involved for this original recording and hopefully I didn’t make too much of a mess of it with the ASMR edit! There are a huge amount of cuts and edits to the audio and video in this and I included some text with the general theme of questions asked (let me know if you’d like that in future).

Huge thanks to Iain and Renate at, and particularly Iain for conducting this John Butler interview. Please subscribe to their channel here:

And check out the original unedited video for over 30 mins of additional content not seen here, including some really sweet moments I had to cut for sound:

John Butler’s books mentioned:
Wonders of Spiritual Unfoldment:
Mystic Approaches:
Do you pray for me?
Destined to Joy:

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