50 – Powerful Motivational Quotes About Life

50 - Powerful Motivational Quotes About Life

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Keyser The Red Beard

terrific upload Everyday Stoic. I broke that thumbs up on your video. Keep up the great work.

crystal haynes

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Did you say Gary Vee Dwayne Johnson ??


Beautiful video

Allysa Alijandro

Hii im allysa alijandro im struggling in my whole life ,, i appreciate your words, thank you so much for this, i hope you make more motivational word for our life


Dear reader just a friendly reminder that our time on this earth is limited. Make peace with your past and go on with your life. You are stunning, and the world requires more of you than you realize.🙏💖👍

Spur Quotes

Keep Sharing!!!!


The best quote




very mediocre, i already memorized these

Next Level Finance



“I love this video, it's such inpiration!

I am praying for anybody reading this to be successful and have a good life! The world needs good energy!

I found this video that helps get me going in the morning, I hope you like it too. https://youtu.be/RNy9uDKa-HM😊🥰


Good vid man, I liked and subscribed. Good luck and God bless to all


Amazing video

Niyi Oloyede

I need a call right now…
I'm so down and depressed anything to spark light In me again 😔

Bruce Williams

With self discipline all things are possible


"Everything has a price, no matter how small. Love or the lack thereof. How many steps you take today. Refusing to look left and looking right. No matter what you do, everything is a risk. And going in the direction you choose for yourself alleviates the possibility of high regret for any of them." 💯


"If you can't forget your dream,and why you forget about your homework?"


Rosabelle J



Biden is not in charge, for everyone knows he is senile, and a puppet controlled by evil demons!


Please move these people all over the USA in studio apartments, and supply what they need. You cannot feed them in that destruction and filth, and for mental health, they should be moved, if they want to, as you fix up the state.

Personally I would just destroy it, and never rebuild, for it will keep being destroyed, when you least expect it

. If you can bring foreigners here from all over the world, then you can do something for your own citizens, or we will be DOOMED!

What country will take us in, and be kind, if we are destroyed?

Pay every household $2,000 per month, retro from January 2020, and teach people how to work online from home. Get that payment in their accounts today, or it will be a NIGHTMARE , when the EVICTED is out on the streets

. Shelters should not be used, but private studio apartments, where people can live the basics, until they can do better. Relocate these people now USA!

These people have nothing so all of us can help, including the charities HELP AMERICANS FIRST!



Diego Bravo


Tina lopez

thanks to dr aguinede on YouTube fro bringing my ex back


“ the tallest sunflower was once a seed” unknown

T Brick

You either a smart fella or a fart smella

Sylvester Ajuh

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