Make Money From Home – Freelance Video Editing

Make Money From Home - Freelance Video Editing

I have been working as a Freelance Video Editor for over 7 months now, let me share my experience with all of you who plan to work from home and want to make money from home in 2021!
►Budgeting Spreadsheet:
►Questrade! Start Investing Today! (Canadian)


Specializing in Esports I have been freelance video editing from home and able to support myself fully, from working for Mr.Beast, Envy Gaming and the Vancouver Canucks I have information that will help others wanting to make money from home.

Make Money Freelance Video Editing. Freelance video editing from home. Make money from home 2020

► My Income and Liabilities spreadsheet –

► FREE Website builder –

►Esports job search –

►Book to improve your networking and your ability to get clients –

►Free Color Correction and effects:
►My Income and Liabilities Spreadsheet:

Helpful editing gadgets:
►Monitor Stand Riser –
►Game Capture Card HDMI to USB –
►Wireless Phone Charger –
►SD Card Reader –

Gear I use:
►Camera (Sony Alpha a6500) –
►Microphone (Rode VideoMicPro) –
►Microphone Stand –
►Computer Monitor (2k 144hz) –
►Speakers (Bose Companion 2 Series III) –
►Mouse (Logitech G305) –
►Keyboard (Logitech G513) –
►Ring Light –
►Capture Card –

Books that improved my life:
►How to Win Friends and Influence People
►The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy



– Steps to follow –
1) Track your expenses, you need to know your monthly expenses and build up a 3-6 month emergency fund. I would suggest longer to be safer in these current times. Make your own spreadsheets (I use Google Sheets) to track your income and liabilities to know how much it costs for you to live. Save around 23% of each pay check to go towards taxes at the end of the year!

2) Build a portfolio, make a website using a free website builder (Linked above) and copy other professionals in your industry to make the cleanest portfolio of your best work! Be sure to link to your email and social media on the site.
Example site –
Create a LinkedIn and again copy the layout from professionals in your industry.

3) Find work. There are many great websites to look for freelance work, Google is your friend!

4) Be smart with your money. Do not walk away from full time work if you do not have enough consistent freelance work. Remember freelancing is hard and can be less busy at times! This is why budgeting and tracking your monthly expenses is so important to know all the numbers and have a better idea how much work you need.

5) Networking. It always comes down to your social skills and ability to talk to people, like most things in life it is who you know that is important. So make sure to be professional and nice to your clients because they are likely to recommend you to more clients, and you want long lasting clients!
I recommend this book if you want to improve your people skills –

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