Make money woodworking from home in 2020! đź’°

Make money woodworking from home in 2020! đź’°

Do you want to start making money woodworking from home?

A question I get asked a lot is ‘can I start a woodworking business from home! Yes you can! You don’t need a big woodshop when you begin your woodworking business! And believe me, I know, cause I have been there! #make #money #woodworking

As you might have seen in my previous video’s I started my woodworking business from home, selling small woodworking projects I made in my small bicycle shed.

I eventually grew and bought myself a house with a decent sized workspace, but this took time.

In this video I will tell you the steps I took to grow my business from my home!

Starting a woodworking business can be a risk, but tip number 1 is: play safe! When I started my business I was working for a boss full-time and did my woodworking as a hobby in my spare time! Keep on your job and gradually scale down in hours you work for your boss and as you are starting to make an income, scale up in hours you work for your woodworking business!

Tip number 2: Think about the platforms you want to sell your products on! When you are just starting out you don’t want to take the risk of spending money on an online store. Sell on free platforms like craigslist or social media like Facebook, or on fee-based platforms like Etsy. Oncy you got steady income from your business you can spend a bit of this money on starting an online store.

Tip number 3: You don’t need to make all the products you want to sell in your online store. Well this tip is kind of risky! What I did when I started out was checking out Pinterest for products I thought I could sell in my online store! I would then contact the website the picture was posted on and asked if I could use the picture on my website. Most of the time the owner of the picture approves the use of the image! Again, don’t risk getting copyright claims! This way you get a wider selection in your online store. People want choice, so offer them to choose between all those products and make them whenever they are ordered. But make sure you can make the products you sell, the way you present them to your customer! If you try and sell something of a picture and the client receives a product which is slightly off, they will return in to you, and that’s a waste of your time.

Tip number 4: Buy tools as you go! It’s no shame to start with cheaper and lower quality tools. As you grow you can buy better tools, don’t worry! Just make sure to buy the tools as you go and buy the tools for the projects you have at the moment.

Tip number 5: Don’t spend your income! As you are playing safe and have a main income from your employer, save the income of your business for taxes and eventually buying tools! When you get some extra income, it can be very tempting to spend extra money on ‘yourself’ but my advise would be to save it for the business. You never know what you might want to buy in the future. When you get to the more professional tools you’ll see the prices go through the roof!

Tip number 6: If you buy new tools, buy the tools you can use to batch out products. For example, buy a router or a router table with a flush trim bit. This way you can make templates and batch out products! For example the beer caddy I made a video about, which I’ve linked right here (point to corner).

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