Is self-help and self-care bull|$h!t? | Kathrin

Is self-help and self-care bull|$h!t? | Kathrin

In this video I discuss how self-help and self-care have been co-opted in service of capitalism.
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Self-help and Self-care resources: Self-help and self-care resources suggested by commenters:

Reddit: mutual support

I’m thinking about the Icarus project for people struggling with mental health, also hearing voices.

Then I haven’t completely cheked the rest but the resources about self esteem in West Australia government sounds nice.

Also some books could be DBT workbook (not engaging in the therapy per se but the workbook can give you some good resources, same with CBT workbook. I dont remember the name but there is also a workbook about childhood sexual trauma. And the work of peter levine and other similar authors may help.

Then I would try tapping exercises I think there are some tutorials in youtube. It’s exactly as it sounds tapping in different parts of your body to reprogram your mind. It is used in EMDR therapy. Sounds crazy but you don’t lose anything if you try it.

Also, yes, mindfullness and yoga could be very beneficial. Except if you experience something related to psychosis. They can help you be more grounded and reconnect with your body. If you dont like those you can always play an instrument or coloring some books or do sudokus to let your mind rest

Look also for journaling prompts write helps immensely and if you dont want to write tou could always record your voice and have somo sort of relief

This is KEY, get involved in your community, get politically involved at the best of your ability, maybe there is some group in your neighbor or association, choose if you can. There might also be someone who organizes activities for neighbors or something. Be part of an union. If you have social anxiety for example maybe try to find some support group. But sometimes getting out of your head and help someone else gives you a sense of power, that you can change things and also a sense of community which capitalism takes from us.

And if you are looking for some app to track your habits, try Habitica, it is free and is like a RPG game, you can also find other people to help you be consistent with your goals.

For mental health? I found some use, as a giver/receiver of help, in going to the Mighty.

Make no mistake, it’s ultimately a private platform and pretty limited. Not sure if it’s organization structure as a entity. But you can get some mutual support from other people suffering the save mental health issues themselves outside of going to a medical professional.

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