The Economics Behind the Self-Help and "Motivation" Industry (Books, Apps, Gurus, …) in One Minute

The Economics Behind the Self-Help and "Motivation" Industry (Books, Apps, Gurus, ...) in One Minute

Self-help or “motivation” if you will has been around, in one way or another, not for decades or centuries but actually for thousands of years.

The modern-day self-help world however is a huge industry, with for example the top 10 motivational speakers raking in over $200,000,000 each year.

Are these self-help gurus actually the real deal though?

Should you spend your hard-earned money on motivation books, self-help apps, guru webinars and things along those lines?

That is unfortunately hard to say, as there just isn’t enough proper research out there as to just how useful (if at all) all of these motivational products are.

There are however statistics we should consider worrisome, such as the fact that over 80% of those who buy self-help books are repeat buyers.

Are they repeat “customers” because they’re amazingly happy with the results generated by the self-help industry or are they buying new motivation books because the previous one(s) didn’t work?

Whether we’re talking about self-help books, audiobooks, apps, webinars or anything else, a fair conclusion would be this: whenever there’s a lot of money involved (and in the self-help industry, there most definitely is), caution is the operative word 🙂

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