Try This SECRET METHOD To Lose Weight In 2022! | Liz Josefsberg

Try This SECRET METHOD To Lose Weight In 2022!  | Liz Josefsberg

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This week’s guest on Health Theory is Liz Josefsberg. She is a celebrity health, wellness and weight loss expert and the author of Target 100: The World’s Simplest Weight-Loss Program in 6 Easy Steps. In this episode she discusses her approach to weight loss, why most people have trouble eating healthy and how technology can help you get healthier.

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Why weight loss starts in the mind [01:08] How to dig deep by starting with food [05:08] The power of daily habits [08:31] How to refuse your own excuses [13:07] How believing in yourself can change your identity [15:49] Why you need to cheer yourself on [19:31] How to keep promises to yourself [26:14] The importance of planning out your meals [28:52] Why you shouldn’t give up your favorite food [31:33] How to change the way you talk to yourself [34:09] What everyone can do to improve their health [36:20] The things you should and shouldn’t be tracking [41:56] The scale that helps you overcome the fear of the scale [48:50]




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