Q&A Part 2 – Health / Fitness

Q&A Part 2 - Health / Fitness

Hey everyone, welcome back to part 2 of our Q and A series in which I answer your questions with as much in depth info as possible. Today’s topic is a big one: Health and Fitness, as it pertains to performance as opera singers. I talked a bit about my own habits and things I do and avoid, plus a bit about mental preparation, as well as illness. When I get questions like these I have to be careful because obviously I’m not a doctor and would never be at liberty to give advice as if I were one, but definitely feel able to share my personal experiences as well as things I’ve learned from watching other singers in the business.

As always, please don’t take any answer too personally and if it doesn’t work for you, forget it! These tips and guidelines are what work for me but they may not apply to you and that is totally okay. Just know that all my advice and support comes from a place of positivity and encouragement, and if that encouragement can give you inspiration to begin on a health journey of your own, then that’s all that matters.

Here are the points I touch on in this video:

00:00 Q&A Part 2 – Health / Fitness
01:20 Running
03:40 Healthy Habits
09:10 The Struggle
13:15 Foods To Avoid
15:57 Journaling
18:46 Mindset
26:43 Illness

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