Best Motivational Video 2019 – Speeches Compilation 2 Hour Long – Motivation for success & Gym

Best Motivational Video 2019 - Speeches Compilation 2 Hour Long - Motivation for success & Gym

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Best Motivational Video 2019 – Speeches Compilation 2 Hour Long – Motivation for success & Gym

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Best Motivational Video 2019 – Speeches Compilation 2 Hour Long – Motivation for success & Gym

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Wisdom bench

Alchemist novel is painted on everyone mind. Here i have found same story like ALCHEMIST BY BRAZAILIAN WRITER PAULO COELHO. Here is link

rudy theophin

I love this

Mr E Money Wackerly

Be the baddies one in the gym I am gonna wake up at 5:50 I know that’s early but it’s time to motivate in the gym

Keir MacArthur

Anyone know the twenty one pilots girl cover?

Robert Black

Arnold's talks about freedom than but now he supports all kinds of liberal communist ideals. Arnold Schwarzenegger lost his way.

Jam Ajna Soares

11:22 Really, queen?

Tony Gomez

this has been saved I am coming back to the video for my weightloss journey again. I must not fail I will rise from the ashes and flourish into a new man with unstoppable will and unshakable faith


🔥 thank you

Elmo Redneck

Someone PLEASE tell me the name of the women at 5:38

She reached me


To whoever reading this, never stop chasing your dreams you can do it. Here is another great video I found too


@1:39:19 You need to hear this, its was written for you.

Ronald Moore

Rock equals steroids

Every moment of weakness, is a chance to be strong af, the strongest you've ever been, especially when your all that's left. Air, noise, nature, just apart of that. Beautiful chaos. Boss time

james russell

I started in 2019 to work out and lose weight. Lost my way when I was laid off. 3 years later I’m back in the gym after 2 abdominal surgeries and I barely find the motivation. This video helps me get there. Wish I had people I could workout with. Seems like every time I try to socialize i burn a bridge, or I get told I’m scary because of my size.

Smothy Ying

Dicipline is the strongest lead to suceessful for everyone. So work hard, think positive, make your habit strong and puntual, you will be sure get better each day, below is also a purposful message to all of you, I hope you like it too to key your day fresh💕:​​❤👍

Stephen Bowes

You all have choice the way what your life to go .

Frick Pride

Get up and workout

Mona's Life

I'm still on my journey to greatness and I'll NEVER give up

Lonely human

That’s nice

Bryan Mejia

1:36:14 who is the man speaking? His story hit me deeply.


Who is speaking at 1:14:00

Tommy Vercetti

Cure for laziness: get offered tons of money to not be lazy

Armando ruiz

I agree with this video 1000% but we are U.S. citizens. Citizens of the United States. The United States is a country but America its not a country America its a continent. The whole entire continent was already named America 269 years way before the United States of America became a nation or even existed. Everyone on the American continent is an American likewise Asia are Asians, Africa are Africans and Europe are Europeans.

Femme Fatale


Wally G


ashley hoffman

what if you work 12hr night shift 7-7, 72hrs a week

Dominate the Weight

Steve Jobs ❤💯🤗😘🙏🍀🌞


"sleep a little faster" 🤣🤣🤣

3ziz96 م

These motivational videos actually help…spread them out like trending music…

Yasin Nabi

this is one of the best videos I have just watched today… thanks for sharing :=

Anita Mathebula

Go all the way. 👍

"You can fail at what you DON'T want, so might as well pursue what you love!!"

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