BioCanteens: Sustainable school meals for green and healthy local food systems

BioCanteens: Sustainable school meals for green and healthy local food systems

BioCanteens network gathers 7 European cities committed to distribute sustainable meals in school canteens as a key stepping stone towards greener and healthier local food systems.

Funded by the European Programme URBACT, the project aims to transfer the Good Practice of Mouans-Sartoux (France) in the field of sustainable school catering to other European cities including: Pays des Condruses (Belgium), Rosignano-Marittimo (Italy), Torres Vedras (Portugal), Trikala (Greece), Troyan (Bulgaria), Vaslui (Romania).

On 24-27 September 2018, BioCanteens partners gathered together in Mouans-Sartoux to discover the city’s achievements and lay out their work plan for the next two years.

Mouans-Sartoux’s Good Practice is based on the daily distribution of meals that are 100% organic and mostly composed of local products, the drastic reduction of food waste thereby fully compensating the higher cost of switching to organic products, and the organisation of dedicated educational activities to raise children’s awareness about sustainable food.

However, Mouans-Sartoux’s achievement has also been enabled thanks to a whole local ecosystem that goes beyond the sole school canteen realm, as the city’s territorial food plan is integrated in all its policies, notably including a proactive urban planning policy, the support to the installation of organic farms and shops in the city, as well as the organisation of cultural events.

More information:
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Twitter: @BCanteens



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