Be Better | Richard Cooper | Full Length HD

Be Better | Richard Cooper | Full Length HD

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In this video presentation, Richard Cooper shares 10 key strategies that any man can benefit from when it comes to women and life.

In this presentation you will also learn:

– What The Red Pill movement has changed about Richard’s life.
– Why you should vet women ruthlessly before allowing them into your life.
– How Richard annihilated insecurity stemming from childhood traumatic events.

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P Anagenesis

I don't what you mean by "religion". But if you're talking about Faith, it's actually right there in the book of Genesis. Man is first. Woman is made from him and for him. She is weak and capitulates to the adversary and disobeys God. She then joins the adversary and cajoles Man to do the same. Man foresakes his leadership, responsibility and faithfulness to His Creator. Consequently, Mankind is banished from Eden, God's Presence and is only redeemed by renewal in The New Adam (i.e. Mankind) and Living Word, Jesus Christ. One of the major lessons to be learned from this is not to disobey your purpose, The Will of God, because of temptation or because a woman tells you so. Simple as that.☦

Albert Marqz

I'm 16, going to work once summer ends which will be my first job. I have a crush on a girl around my height "5'8", im interested to see how my life changes in a few months. Leaving this comment to see how it goes

Michelle Mahar

I'm sorry… Alpha men are too good to go grocery shopping for their own kids? Wow. Might be why you've had so many women leave you (as you said yourself). If you want a mom, go move back home!

Michelle Mahar

Doesn't seem like you view women as equals. The assumption that men marry down and not the other way around is misogynistic. I've come across very few men who I could marry "up" to. No woman wants an alpha male who treats women as something they deserve and as property. Good luck to any man who follows this yahoos advice!

Goose God

very nice video. more knowledge than half of youtube.

Ahsan Iqbal

I am 27 and hope not too late for this Gold to change my life

The dabu2dabu

really awesome


Who came here after god of war?

Kanishk Joshi

I'mma 18 , Lucky as hell ❤️❤️


I think it's sad that we never ask women to be better though. Just saying

Andrea Viola

Manly Men….Praise The Lord!

Mark Les

Nobody owes us shit. Nobody deserves shit. Even respect is earned.
Men today are far too pussified.

Raul Armas

Perscription for losing the victimhood mentality:

Now that your past living under someone else's roof(and rules) winning is not about the question:
"Why (did x) happen to me?
Winning is about working out the answer to:
"What's next(in my life?)
No one can change the past.
I better be about something I can change– which is my future.

Raul Armas

Rich Cooper calls getting in shape, eating "right" not hard.

Rich Cooper is wrong

Developing into my best self is: SIMPLE but NOT Easy.

It can take an enormous amount of work/effort and considerable time to achieve and MAINTAIN (look at how many times Oprah Winfrey has lost weight only to regain it?) these important life-affirming goals just like overcoming Rich Cooper's stuttering habit or the self-sabotaging thinking and conditioning a codependent/addictive/ think: smoking type personality traits that cause people to trip over there stinking thinking and return to their life-depleting habits.
How many people return to smoking even though they know it's probably killing them?
I would hazard that most would, but they continue to smoke anyway, programming is tough to change.

It takes courage to admit your folks were wrong and that you might be wrong too.

But that is not to say that trying to change is not worth the effort even if you do fail on the first attempt.

my recommendation: Stop asking why. Start asking what's next? How do I change my programming? How do I start thinking new thoughts bigger better thoughts and I suggest you also realize that you cannot solve a problem at the same level of thinking it was created at. I think that was Einstein who said that.

Chris Lalonde

Only statement i disagree with is that we are all monkeys. Speak for your self i am not a monkey lol.


So many sub 20 year olds today get exposed to the red pill. Let's see if it really has any impact on future society!


Wish I watched this before I got married.

Chris Lee

So much talk about living as a virtuous alpha man and dealing rightly with women …and then you say about your mum, who left you alone as a baby with a burning stove, ‘ she had to leave’.

Come on. Respect women, recognise her responsibility.

Chris Lee

Why don’t you name the person who stole $56,000 from you in the home deal?

That would be truthful and just.


It's so sad that there are actualy so many "red-pilled" machildren that subscribe to this line of thinking without a second thought

Peter K

I will tell you waht.dont listen to these guys..he is projecting himself as a confident alpha..but you can see clearly shaved off his head as he is insecure about his looks. if one is so confident about himself, why care about others. what's wrong with being bald? I like most of his stuff, but I cant stand this hypocrisy

Cota James

Damn mr alpha seems nervous af

Olupot Deogracious

This matters Alot I wish I came across this earlier, am glad for this content

Akil Kelly

22 listening to this

Denis Black

Lesson #4: 15:09 True happiness in Men
Lesson#5: 17:09 Constantly update your belief system


"Stanley the power drill" … nice Ford Fairlane reference 🤘🤘

Captain Bligh

Richard, you are a marvellous chap. We can all learn from you.

gabriella schweska

Lol I just found out I’m literally horrible. Its genuinely news to me.

ahmed benidir

I wonder if hearing this at 28 is too late…

jon jones

21:35 that quote is true and hilarious

Vern Don

Guy is such a fake lol

anon anon

I got scars too, but on my face .. so it stares someone in the face in bad light, I know by looking at the other person how my face looks, they don't dig scars on the face in general

Koroglu Rustem

Talk was great. Q & A not so much. Thanks a lot. I appreciate Rich's content.

Ron M

FYI…..Warren Buffet did not originate that quote.

Hassan Eido

I wish I saw this 12 years ago .


"So, if you value your fucks as a resource, you're only going to allocate your fucks to things that are truly fuckworthy."

"It's ok to let them go" I needed to hear this so long ago. Most men need to realize this.

agu monkey

@Richard how do you work on grief

Bryan Harrison

So after being able to sit down and watch this, I only have one major disagreement and its the idea that men are the weaker sex. While its true, especially in today's world, that men are the EXPENDABLE sex, men are in no way the weaker sex. I realize that in many cases it SEEMS that way, but this is only because men often choose, make the choice, to literally give their power away. For whatever reason. But if you watch any man as soon as he resolves in his mind that he's not going to budge on anything, an argument, a situation, a power struggle, what have you, the MOMENT he decides he's not moving from his line drawn in the sand, everybody around him changes. Women who were being aggressive, bossy, etc almost instantly become alert, docile, and extremely focused on what this man is doing and saying. Same with men. All the betas in the area become instantly alert, docile, and all eyes on this man. The other alphas in the room, they're gearing up to fight if needed…. because they know this man won't budge. Don't EVER confuse willful concession of power for the sake of democracy/equal treatment/giving eveyrone a seat at the table with weakness. Its not weakness, because the male in question manufactured this situation for whatever reason. Maybe he desires relationships where the man and woman have equal say, so he works to compromise instead of be the primary decison maker. Maybe he bows out of arguments instead of sticks to his guns in many cases. All of these are choices HE is making for whatever reason. At the very least, men and women are equal. But you put 300 people in the room, 50% men, 50% women, and watch that moment when one of the men in the room have had ENOUGH of something and they dig their heels in and take a stance…. Women INSTINCTIVELY respond to that much like a deer in headlights. Of course there are exceptions, the rare alpha females in the room would not be affected in the same way and may challenge the guy, but even the alpha men and women would at least see what's going on first before treading into that territory. This is fundamental to know. It is men's decision to allow a "fair game board" that makes men appear the weaker, but since they designed the board and decided to do this in the first place, then men are the equal in a bare minimum, and the dominant in most natural cases. If equality and equal footing are happening in any situation, it is almost ALWAYS by the man's design. I know that most people will disagree with what I'm saying but it is true and you can observe this pattern over and over and over from domestic disputes to business meetings to officer/suspect interactions to teacher student interactions to gym attendees to book clubs to patrons in a movie theater or a bunch of random people in a warehouse job. If a man is ever pushed to frustration to the point that he has to dig his heels in, the power dynamic immediately changes. That's a fact. And this fact is a testament to just how accomodating the male energy in the world is when it comes to equality and power dynamics. A man doesn't open the door for a woman because he has to, he does it because he chooses to. He throws his jacket over a puddle because he chooses to. He sets up a level, even playing field where everybody is on equal footing because he CHOOSES to.

Bryan Harrison

I love Richard Cooper, and side note, I've been an entertainer, performer, etc my whole adult life and I'm 48. Let me for a moment tip a hat in testament to this gentleman. He gets on stage and explains that he's nervous to talk in front of the crowd. He goes on to say that he's managed to get quite the following with his videos, and now he's standing in front of about 100 people giving that presentation and he said he was quite nervous as a result. Here's the meaty stuff, here's what many people picked up on, but I'm sure many more completely missed. He wasn't nervous, this man was absolutely PETRIFIED to be on that stage when he first got on stage. He walks up, fairly good posture, but you can see plenty of tension in his neck and he's fighting the urge to slump forward. When he talks in the beginning part of the video you can literally hear his voice fluttering from sheer terror. This is a very subtle thing to pick up on, but us entertainers are all-too familiar with these signs. His voice is fluttering, and he's really, REALLY fighting his body language at first to not come off as a petrified, terrified even, person who's not got much experience with public speaking. HOWEVER. These signs as I said, they're subtle… a testament to his resolve, focus, and dedication to his craft. I can hear the sheer terror in this man's voice. Also, within the opening minutes of this presentation, you can hear him give this "sigh of fright" which is also fluttering due to how much tension he's feeling at the moment. People do these almost "defeated" sounding sighs when they are extremely nervous or terrified, in this case, of a situation that they know they can't back out of to help try to relieve some of the stress. This is a completely involuntary response…. its a natural body reaction to extreme fear. But guess what… most people watching this probably didn't notice any of this, and here's WHY: because at his CORE, he's confident, he's got a track record of success, and he believes in himself. Because of this, he's able to keep the voice flutter to a minimum, he's able to project that natural confidence in spite of his terror, AND, he's "man enough", or, better put "human enough" to up front, with no reservation or embarrassment LET THE CROWD KNOW THAT HE IS NERVOUS AND UNCOMFORTABLE. This type of transparency in a situation like this is a HUGE sign that the person is genuine and comfortable in his or her own skin. As terrified as he was, he didn't want to be dishonest with the crowd and pretend he wasn't nervous. As you can see, as the minutes go by, he rapidly gets more and more comfortable, his body language opens up, his voice stabilizes, and he starts to naturally project a louder, more relaxed and focused vocal tone, and by the end he's as comfortable as a human being CAN be under a bunch of spotlights and par cans. And all of this was because he believes what he's saying and he practices what he preaches. His type of mentality is that mentality that can be thrown into uncomfortable situations and get right to work while most others are scrambling around mindlessly. HIS ABILITY TO CALMLY(READ: not flat-out panicking) carve out his place on that stage, in unfamiliar territory, while being terrified, while staying on task, and managing to keep basic control of his functions, such as, his voice being under his control although it was fluttering a little, his body language trying to convey the terror and his willpower over-riding that body language and establishing a more assertive stance, and his ability to let those subconscious sighs of fear out without many, if anybody in the crowd noticing is top notch. After seeing this video, I'd be confident that this man could do anything he set his mind to and IF in the rare event he DID fail, he wouldn't be bruised by it and would be comfortable admitting his mistakes and learning from it. Aside from this, the information in this video is absolute gold. HIS presentation and how he handled the terror of being on stage with grace and poise is a testament to the fact that he's speaking fact.

I perceived your perception

Anthony _

Very motivating, very powerful. Rich Cooper is on a level of his own

Adam Macias

Lesson #3 Listen to Your Intuition was huge. Especially when he described in being very expensive to ignore when it becomes a shout.

Michael Kebede

The first time I ever saw Rich give a speech, I knew he knew his stuff even before he said anything💪💪💪


Every time I hear this guy I like what he says till he rips on single mothers then I feel like I have to defend myself. Yes 90% of single mothers are what he portrays them to be. But 5-10% of us really got a raw deal. For example, widows or someone like me who was conned into a marriage with a boy in a mans body. My ex husband and I got together in high school and our dreams and goals aligned quite well until it was time to actually execute the goals. My ex husband dropped out of college, never stopped playing video games, and has no personal accountability or responsibility. I have been single ever since our separation, 3+ years. Have “dated” but never introduced a man to my kids and won’t unless I am getting married. I just want the good men out there to not completely shut the door to single mothers. There are good single mothers, thanks.

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