How to Get Help Online as a Software Developer

How to Get Help Online as a Software Developer

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Getting help online can be difficult. People get mad at you, they don’t understand your question, or the answers you get aren’t correct. What do you do? Well, you watch this video and learn how to ask the right question the right way to get the right results.

Links from the video:
Tim’s Blog:
Stack Overflow:
Model Question:
GitHub Gist:

0:00 – Intro
0:57 – Where and how to start: being a good citizen
8:11 – How to recognize what am I looking for: identify your specifics
17:17 – Why your question is probably not unique
18:44 – Crafting a good title for your question and question it self.
23:57 – GIST: prepare a larger text and code block for your question
26:55 – Example of well structured question
28:57 – Make sure you are available!
31:36 – Accept the answer. Give Credit.
34:21 – (why to) !Answer your own questions! (and how to do it well)
37:08 – Quick recap & Stack overflow explained.
42:36 – Video summary
46:51 – What happens when you ask Tim a question? 🙂



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