Best diet for cricketers

Best diet for cricketers

Hi, This is Ankit Narayan Singh, Cricket and fitness trainer. In this video, I have tried to explain food diet for cricket players.
Deciding which food to eat gets difficult if you are not aware of the macros and micronutrient of various food. Through this video, I have tried to give a perspective on food for cricketers.

It is said, that breakfast for cricketers should be healthy as well as bulky because the entire day becomes tiresome if he/she practices seriously. Often, a cricket players food
lacks in basic nutrient which is the most essential part of their health. A cricketers food diet should be packed with rich nutritional food.
A healthy and balanced nutrition for cricket players is hard to find in this modern world where people are depending more on junk food. That is why I recommend that every player should be their own master of what food they are taking in. Even in Indian cricket team, food and nutrition is given a lot of importance because this is
one thing that can make or break players if ignored.

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