Achilles Tendon Pain? The best treatment for achilles tendonitis (tendinitis). HINT: Its LOAD!

Achilles Tendon Pain? The best treatment for achilles tendonitis (tendinitis). HINT: Its LOAD!

If you’ve had pain in your achilles, you are going to want to know the best treatment and rehab achilles tendinitis (tendonitis). You will need to understand the importance of LOAD in driving tendon recovery.

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Following on from our “Talking Tendons” video,
Anthony looks specifically at the principles for relieving Achilles Tendon pain or tendonitis.

We discuss how the amount of load placed through a tendon versus the ability of the tendon to deal with this load results in either a healthy tendon or tendinitis (tendonitis).

We discuss how we can manipulate this load balance through reduced activity, technique modification and strengthening the tendon. AGAIN, we reinforce that you should rarely REST YOUR TENDON!!

We help you understand some of the various load that may cause tendonitis, as well as principles of rehabilitation including strengthening and stretching exercises to improve Achilles pain.

We look at some exercises that not only strengthen the tendon, but also help decrease achilles load by controlling rotation through the lower limb. We discuss some progressions of exercises through the rehabilitation program.

Anthony briefly discusses what pain means to the rehabilitation process, and how to gauge the amount of pain within the context of the tendonitis (tendonitis).

Following these guidelines will help you determine the best treatment and exercises to heal and rehab your achilles tendonitis (tendonitis).



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