Thor: Ragnarok – "Get Help" Clip

Thor: Ragnarok - "Get Help" Clip

Thor and Loki have a dramatic moment, until …

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You can tell that everyone had fun filming this movie


This must have been the weapon they used to kill Thanos

That's really funny and it sounds like they did it when they were boys


This movie is filled with so many beautiful memes

Joseph Womer

So, Thor and Loki get into an Elevator…..

Nina Alice

Still iconic

Adorkable Lee

"my brother is dying…"

Fun fact: just hours after "get help," Loki actually dies.

AchmodinIV SWE

“It’s probably for the best, that we never see each other again”


0:28 The exact moment Thor placed the Inhibitor Chip on Loki's back.

At 0:55 you can see Thor looking to verify that it's still there (it is).

When they reach the ships, Loki steps out ahead and Thor knows he's an illusion because the chip isn't on the illusions back (because Loki wasn't aware of it).

Lauren Faerber

Loki: do get help he says….it’ll be fun he says…..

Michael Tucci

Could there be an alternate universe where Loki decides to stay and rule this planet?


"Help him!!!!!!!!!"
Beste and funniest scene in the MCU so far ^^

NightBot Ban

"Help him!" as he chucks him is hysterical.


I'm realizing now the face of pain and the face of knowing you're going to be in pain soon are pretty similar which is what makes this such an effective tactic. No wonder these two men are gods.

Åge Kush

This is why Thanos snapped Loki's neck.

He couldn't risk such a powerful stratagem to be used against him.


A lot of people don’t seem to understand that a lot of “actor improv” isn’t actually “improv” and is instead the actor coming up with an idea that has nothing to do with the script, then asking the director if they can do it. A lot of people seem to think it means “came up for in that moment for that specific take that happened to make it into the movie”, but very rarely is that the case outside of dialogue

Lavender Glitchy

They’re so iconic ✋❤️

Scruff D0g

It’s always that, Thor and Loki work so well together as Allies

Sadie Peterson

"HeLp HiM" chucks Loki
"He, works every time"


Literally when my brother tries to act he did not hit me to my parents 00:44


Thor: Love and Thunder should show a flashback with Thor and Loki doing this as kids. If it doesn’t, I’m disappointed.

Tom Odinson

These two have the best chemistry in the history of Cinema.


What movie name?


>Heart to Heart with Loki
>This Loki empty
>y e e t

Robert Perez

So funny that Loki got drown it’s so funny and it’s funny when he said get help help him he’s dying it’s so funny we’re not doing it it’s so funny😂😂😂😂😆😆😆🧋🫐🥒🍫🧋🧋🧋🧋🧋🧋🧋🧋🧋🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🥑🥑🥑


When a teammate dies in Death Road to Canada

Murtaza Naqvi1507

My favorite scene from thor ragnarok

Murtaza Naqvi1507

This is what brothers are for

Daphne Galjee



Loving this clip istg

Bottoslapp Big

Help him!!! Yeett

This is the funniest sence ever

Jake Ratchford

To know that this was improvised makes this ten times better.

Vince The nerfer

“Get help your no match for him he’s a sith lord!”

Jaganath Prasad

Loki died the same day.


This is the best clip ever, change my mind.

Thomas Tommy

like Zeus and Hades


0:51 classic

Yogi 🎶

On the same day Loki killed by Thanos


It’s funny cause you know they’ve done this before

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