John Prine – All the Best

John Prine - All the Best

Texas Connection 1992

John Prine & The Sins of Memphisto
John Prine – vocals, guitar
Phil Parlapiano – keyboards, accordian,
guitar, mandolin, bass, vocals
Bill Bonk – bass, guitar, harmonica, mandolin,
keyboards, vocals
Duane Jarvis – guitar, bass, mandolin, vocals



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Kenneth Byrd II

I say this about John.. he has written some of the best songs.. soothing.. relaxing.. memorizing.. this song here, has become my favorite.. written and sung by John.. his voice.. goes with his words



Paul White

I sure do miss John Prine.

Debbie Madden

I’m 66 and I’m just delving in this beautiful man music,I’ve listen word years,stupid mistake I made .Thankful I finally jumped into the rabbit hole to John Prine

elige brown

4 great country singers passed from covid. That's reason enough for me to nuke China back to the stone age

Cherri Phelps

Love him!


TikTok brought me here. And I’m grateful

Chris Waywell

It's a lesson too late for the learning made of sand made of sand

Bradley Hovious

Love this song

Elias Lopez

It is such divorce music

old guy

I am 66 yrs. Old. I still stumble across old treasures all the time…makes getting old more fun. Ever heard of the Be Good Tanyas? Tap into Youtube and listen to little birds and rustling leaves.

Mike Games

First heard this song as a re-recording for the 1992 film Falling from Grace directed by one of his best friends John Mellencamp.

Ellen Marie Nieves

—just known it

Carol Trusky

I’m so sorry that I missed out on so many years of great music and lyrics. My husband had asked me if I heard of him but I said no. My life was so busy I didn’t have time or the internet. My husband passed away in 2004 at the age of 49 18 years ago and so sorry that I missed out on many years of great music from John Prine ❤️

Philipo Pruesse

So wonderful. The best ever ever ever!

Steve Johnson

I'm yet another "Johnny-Come-Lately" as I didn't discover John and his music until honestly a couple years ago. A buddy posted a video on Facebook of The Zac Brown Band doing this song. In reading the comments I realized it was a cover and I found John's original….along with many other great songs. John may be gone physically, but he left behind hours of great songs for generations to follow. God bless Mr Prine.

James Riggs

I’m glad you finally discovered John Prine he’s very good he has a lot to say my wife died couple years ago her to check her not found anyone How are my back we wanna have a conversation I am available

lee rocheleau

The sequel…l guess they otta name a drink after you!

Douglas Monk

You did find him… the rest is your history..

Thomas Clark

Rest in peace John. You are very much missed in Country Music. One of a kind. 👍🤠🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


All the best to you too 🎉🎉🎉

Tex Parker

I hope he is enjoying his nine mile cigarette in Heaven : )

Julie Shrive

He was at the Cambridge Folk Festival in the late 90s before the fabulous Album a fine talented performer too .

steve hewitt


john bohnam chester

God i love this man he touches me like no one can

Mike Mcnamara

I flew to Ireland to see John prime play just for the weekend because of girl like this what this song was written about

Stephen Jules Rubin

prine time! i got a divroce for xmas so i went out and buught a toy trian and nailed it to the tbale cuz i could…lol

elige brown

I never heard this song till today on the store radio but it was done by a Zac Brown. I dont like new country music but after hearing him sing it I had to find the original. Both are equally great.

lauren buckley


Mary Ann Jones

It’s 2021 and I still love John prine

Blake Omlie

John absolutely penetrates my heart with almost all his songs. A legend. Blake omlie

Missed . American treasure !!!


He always made it fun love you John

Linda Bullock

I am so sad, that I missed out for so many years. This man is brilliant,

s ccc

A very underrated and to people who dont know music a very unappreciated musician. RIP

Ibn Von Trzn

What a bute

Lorraine Everhart

Just heard the beginning of John Prine's song "All The Best" on Showtime's American Rust, Season 1 Episode 4.

Barry Conway

Been listening since I was 10. 48 years ago😎🙂 May John RIP

terrence westerman

Lyle Lovett

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